Question: How Do I Download Music To Bama Tuner?

How do I get custom Bama tunes?

Head on over to and search for Free Tunes for Life for your specific vehicle.

Simply place an order and you will be sent a link to fill out the tune info sheet.

Once we receive the new tune info you will receive your free tunes in 3-5 business days..

How do you use a Bama tuner?

Instructions:Plug the BAMA X4 into the OBDII port of your car. … Select “Program Vehicle” from the Main Menu. … Press “Continue” to accept the disclaimer.Follow the device prompt to cycle the key to the ON position to setup the device for flashing.More items…

How much HP does a Bama tuner add?

Keeping in mind that increases will vary by vehicle and modifications, here are some of the gains you can expect to see from a Bama Performance Tune with basic mods: 2011-2014 Shelby GT500 Mustangs have seen dyno proven gains of 30 RWHP and 35 ft-lb’s of Torque.

What is a ghost cam tune?

Ghost Cam tunes utilize the Mustang’s Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TiVCT) to make the engine sound and feel race-ready. … 130 seconds have elapsed since the engine coolant temperature reached 170 °F (77 °C) while the engine is running.

How long does it take to get a Bama tune?

Our current turn-around times are 3-5 business days for all tunes to be created. If you currently have a device, all tunes will be emailed once they are completed. New device orders take an additional 1-2 business days to program at our warehouse before shipping.

What does a Bama tuner do?

The Bama Performance Tunes for Life offers support for your common bolt on items for most Mustangs. This covers most performance parts like Cold Air Intakes, Throttle Bodies, Intake Manifold, Exhaust Mods, Gears and Tire size changes.

Can you use a used Bama tuner?

You can definitely run a used tuner if you’d like. However you have to make sure it’s Unlocked. If the device is still locked to the previous car then it won’t be any use to you. The only way to get it unlocked if it hasn’t been, would be to send it back to SCT for a one time fee of $150.

How does a custom tune work?

A Custom Tune is a tune written specifically for you based off of your modifications to your vehicle and/or your driving preferences. … Typically your Tuner will then have you datalog your vehicle and make any changes needed that way if needed.