Question: How Fast Do Baby Blue Spruce Trees Grow?

How do you keep a blue spruce tree small?

If you just want to shape your dwarf spruce, or if your tree is young and you want to trim it to keep it small, then you can prune with a good amount of success.

Taking care not to cut into the dead zone, cut back any branches that extend beyond the tree’s conical shape.

Remove ½ to 1 inch (up to 2.5 cm.).

How do you prune a baby blue spruce?

Make each cut at a slight angle. Prune dead and diseased branches that have brown needles, cutting them close to the blue spruce’s trunk but just after the branch collar by using the sharp pruning shears or pole pruner. Shape the blue spruce in accordance with its natural taper, working from the top down.

What does a baby blue spruce look like?

The Baby Blue Eyes Spruce features the same wonderful color as the Colorado, with a range of greenish to deep blue colored needles. This species is quite drought tolerant. This dwarf evergreen produces a clear pyramidal form of fine branches covered with scaly purple tinged gray bark.

What is the best time of year to plant a blue spruce?

Bare root Colorado blue spruces should be planted while dormant so roots can become established before leaf and shoot growth begins. Late winter through early spring is best depending on your climate and ground thaw date. Bare root spruces can also be planted in very early fall.

What is wrong with my blue spruce tree?

Blue spruce trees are susceptible to an infectious needle disease caused by the fungus Rhizosphaera. The disease, referred to as Rhizosphaera needle cast, is the most common problem seen on blue spruce samples that are submitted to the Plant Disease Clinic.

How do you stop evergreens from growing taller?

Spray or brush a sucker growth inhibitor onto the stub of the original lead stem to keep it from forming any forked growth. Trim the tree’s new growth each year to keep it from spreading outward over time. Use the loppers or tree trimmers to make the cuts.

What spruce tree grows fastest?

Norway Spruce Its dense branching pattern and tolerance of soil variations has also made it a popular tree for windbreaks. If you have enough space and want to add a sense of formal dignity to your landscape, the Norway spruce will suit you well. Grows up to 3′ per year.

How tall do baby blue spruce trees grow?

Baby Blue Spruce Trees for Sale OnlineGrowing Zone:3 to 8Mature Height:15 to 25 FeetMature Width:15 FeetClassification:Conifer / evergreenSunlight:Partial to full sun6 more rows

How often should you water blue spruce?

Daily for four weeks – Depending on temperature and wind, apply 1-2 gallons per inch of trunk diameter. Every other day for three months – Depending on temperature and wind, apply 2-4 gallons per inch of trunk diameter.

How do you shape a spruce tree?

Spruce (Picea)For a formal shape, prune new growth in the spring. … To reduce the size of a branch, cut back to a lateral branch or a visible dormant bud. … To repair a broken leader, cut off the broken branch and tie one of the shorter side shoots upright onto a splint, training it to become the new leader.

Do spruce trees need a lot of water?

Most varieties of spruce trees have a medium to high need for moisture. Spruce trees do not tolerate drought conditions so proper watering is imperative to their health. You are fairly accurate in determining how much water each tree requires. … Mulch will help conserve soil moisture.

How fast do spruce trees grow in a year?

Growth Rate This tree grows at a slow to medium rate, with height increases of anywhere from less than 12″ to 24″ per year.

How do you take care of a baby blue spruce?

Light and Water Needs. Colorado blue spruce thrives in full sun but also grows in partial shade. Once established, the tree needs a medium amount of water, with a deep soaking every two or three weeks. Even though the tree likes the soil to remain moist, especially while it’s still young, it’s also tolerant of drought.

How deep are blue spruce tree roots?

Early Development. According to the U.S. Forest Service, blue spruce trees develop shallow roots after seed germinate, perhaps only 2 to 3 inches deep. This reveals that this tree species grows with a spreading, shallow root system.

What do you feed a blue spruce tree?

I suggest feeding spruce trees with a slow-release shrub & tree type fertilizer or a natural, organic plant food. After planting, lightly sprinkle a slow-release shrub & tree type fertilizer beneath and just beyond the canopy of your spruce tree. Keep the granules well away from the plant’s trunk area.

What happens if you cut the top off a spruce tree?

Practices such as topping a tree by cutting off the uppermost part of the trunk should be avoided. Pruning back this center stem will reduce the height of the plant, but the width will continue filling out, leaving you with an oddly shaped tree.

How long does a spruce tree live?

150 – 200 yearFor most of the common spruces (Blue spruce, Norway spruce, White spruce), you can expect 150 – 200 year lifespan on average – though some have lived far longer – 800 or 900 years is not unheard of.