Question: What Is RSF Stand For?

What is RSF in boxing?

In British bouts, they call TKOs “Retired” or “RSF”, meaning the referee stopped the fight.

In the US and elsewhere, “RTD” or “Retired” means the fight has been stopped between rounds either because the referee has determined the fighter can’t continue or the fighter themselves chooses not to continue..

How is rentable area calculated?

To calculate rentable square footage for a smaller (less than full-floor) tenant, first multiply the usable square footage by the floor common factor, then multiply that result by the building common factor.

How is leasable area calculated?

Gross leasable area is entered by occupant on each floor of the building in column G of the Global Summary of Areas. … Now reading the 2010 standards it appears that the leasable area is now calculated by simply measuring all around the exterior wall face of the entire building.

How do I find my RSF?

RSF is calculated by taking the total square footage utilized by tenants and dividing it by the total square footage of the property. An office building, for example, may be 120,000 square feet with 20,000 square feet of common areas (lobby, hallways, restrooms, etc.), which gives it a 16.7% common area factor.

What is the meaning of RSF?

RSFAcronymDefinitionRSFRental Square Feet (architecture and real estate)RSFReferee Stopped Fight (boxing)RSFRandom Space FunctionRSFRedneck Special Forces (humor)51 more rows

What does RSF mean in texting?

RSF — Referee Stopped Fight.

What is the difference between USF and RSF?

Although this may seem pretty cut and dry there are actually two types of square feet that are reference in common commercial real estate transactions: RSF (Rentable Square Feet) and USF (Usable Square Feet). … USF refers to the square footage the tenant actually can “use” in their office space.