Question: Why Computer Science Is Not In IES?

Is IES tough?


Every year, a plethora of candidates used to appear for both these exams.

But the competition level for IES is much tougher than the GATE exam.

For IES, the competition ratio in terms of the number of vacancies available versus the number of candidates used to appear for the exam is 1:300..

Which engineering branch is best for IES?

There is nothing like one engineering branch has particularly got preference in this exam. And that will be best choice to score good in IES exam. This exam is conducted for mainly four branches of engineering eg: Civil,Mechanical,Electronics,Electrical.

Is IES equal to IAS?

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Services, while on the other hand, IES is Indian Engineering Services. … The IES administrators are designated to manage the executive and technical operations of Indian Govt whereas the IAS administrators are engaged in the administrative department of Indian Govt.

Which job is best after BCA?

Best Career Options After BCAGet an MBA (Master of Business Administration) One of the most popular career options after BCA is getting an MBA degree. … Become a Data Scientist. … Become a Digital Marketer. … Learn Product Management. … Enter the Blockchain Industry. … Become a Cyber Security Expert. … Get an MCA (Master of Computer Applications)

How is life of an IES officer?

The pay of an IES officer is comparable or sometimes more than the private sector. The officers are also paid Dearness allowance to compensate for the inflation in the market. Along with the pay the perks attached to the job makes this job superior to any job in the country.

Which branch students are eligible for IES?

Any student with a B.E./ B. Tech degree is eligible. You can do your engineering in any branch and appear for any branch. IES has only papers for 4 branches – Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics.

Can BCA student apply for IES?

Only graduates in any field of engineering and final year engineering students are eligible to apply for IES. And they have to choose any one of the following stream as their branch in the IES exam.

Can I join ISRO after BCA?

So, if you have something logical or new, you can join ISRO after BCA. Yes, if you have a good scientific knowledge about the field which you want to go. ISRO also has computer science department. So, if you have something logical or new, you can join ISRO after BCA.

Can an average student crack ies?

There is no reason why an average student can’t qualify in IES exams. Every student who performs well in UPSC exam stands a good chance to qualify.

Do IES officers get car?

vehicle is provided based on the sensitivity of the post, rank and department. … In CPES(Central power engineering services) vehicle is not provided upto chief engineer level if he not posted in field. So overall we can say that generally in the initial years of the service vehicle is not provided..

How much do IES officers earn?

So after 7th pay commission how much IES engineers will get is mentioned in this article with reference with serving IES officers salary and government policies….6th Pay Commission – IES Officers.1.Pay BandRs. 15,600/- – 39,100/-2.Grade PayRs. 5400/-3.Basic PayRs. 21000/-4.DA125%5.Gross PayRs. 47500/-2 more rows

Can I get government job after BCA?

There are no specific exams for BCA graduates. All government job exams ask for a graduation degree in any stream. So after BCA you’re eligible for UPSC, SSC, Railway, Banking jobs, and many more government exams. … You can find the government jobs after completion of your B.C.A Degree if you really work for it.

Is IES applicable for computer science?

Yes you can apply for IES exam, but the Exam is not for the computer graduates. Yes… ESE requires only Engineering degree no matter which branch you have…. but you have to apply from either Civil/mechanical/electrical/electronics branch only.

Which is tough IAS or IES?

Both exams of UPSC OR IAS require a lot of preparation, mental strength and dedication. However, students with an engineering background would find IES slightly easier and even benefit from it while working. IES is looked upon as a technical exam and graduation knowledge might be enough to surpass it.

Is IES exam easy?

The overall difficulty level of questions can be termed as moderate to difficult and the number of questions asked was 11-13. Good number of questions were asked from the Ethics topic and were of easy in nature. Each year, the number of questions from Ethics are increasing in the IES prelims exam.