Quick Answer: How Do I Book A Colour Coded Sticker?

Where can I get color coded stickers?

How to obtain colour-coded sticker.

Most state governments have issued a list of dealers authorized to sell HSRP and colour-coded stickers.

This list can be accessed by visiting that state’s transport department’s website..

What is fuel sticker?

HSRPs are chromium-based hologram plates made via hot-stamping and laser-branding of a permanent identification number, which cannot be copied. The colour-coded stickers are meant to identify vehicles based on their fuel type, with light blue indicating petrol and CNG, and orange indicating diesel-run vehicles.

Is HSRP mandatory for old vehicles in UP?

Big relief has just been announced for owners of all old two-wheeler, four-wheeler and other types of vehicles. Now, it will not be mandatory to install new high security number plates in old vehicles i.e. all those vehicles whose registration happened prior to 1 April 2019.

Where can I get high security number plate in Delhi?

Here is how you can get HSRPs and colour-coded stickers for your vehicle You will have to contact any of the vehicle dealers authorised by the Delhi government. … For high-security number plate the owner would need to visit bookmyhsrp.com/index.aspx for registration.More items…•

How do you check if my car has Hsrp?

Briefly, you can easily identify an authentic HSRP by its appearance. Quickly check if it has the hologram Ashok Chakra, blue ‘IND’, inscribed ‘INDIA’ on the plate number, and, above all, the permanent identification number.

What is the cost of HSRP?

Cost of HSRP and Colour coded sticker: Charges for two-wheelers range between Rs 300 to Rs 400 and for car or 4-wheelers range between Rs 600 to Rs 1,100. Colour coded sticker for vehicles already fitted with HSRPs can be installed for Rs 100 in Delhi.

What are Colour coded stickers?

What are colour-coded stickers? The colour-coded stickers are meant for identifying vehicles based on their fuel type, with ‘light blue’ colour stickers for petrol and CNG, and ‘orange’ ones for diesel driven vehicles.

How can I get Colour coded fuel sticker in Delhi?

All vehicles registered after 1 April 2019, come equipped with colour-coded fuel stickers and HSRP. -You will have to contact any of the 236 vehicle dealers authorised by the Delhi government. – The list is available on the state transport department’s website.

Is Hsrp sticker mandatory?

It has been mandatory for all the vehicles registered before April 2019. … The vehicles owners are required to procure the HSRP and colour-coded stickers from the online portal bookmyhsrp.com. They can book a slot by choosing the nearest centre from a list of 236 centres in Delhi.

What is HSRP color coded sticker?

The colour-coded sticker is the 3rd HSRP stickers which are placed on the left side of the windshield of your car and feature the vehicles- engine number, chassis number, plate number etc. However, according to the new update, these stickers will be colour coded according to the vehicles fuel type as well.

How can I get Colour coded fuel sticker in Haryana?

How to book Colour-Coded Stickers?Fill in the required details-registration number, engine number, chassis number etc.Select the ‘Fuel Type’ and fill in all the required details before you are redirected to the payment gateway.

How do I get a high number plate in UP?

Uttar Pradesh High Security Number Plate (HSRP) Apply Online, Status (Bike, Car) Registration Form @bookmyhsrp.com.Toll-Free Number: 1800 1200 201.Email: online@bookmyhsrp.com.