Quick Answer: How Do I Sell My Car In Virginia?

Do you have to notarize a car title in Virginia?

Yes, you need to have it notarized.

The NC title transfer is not valid without doing so.

VA is required to honor the rules of the title you bring them when issuing a new VA title..

How do I sell my car personally?

Here’s how to remove the stress and maximize the cash when you sell your car privately, rather than trading it in to a dealer.Collect your paperwork. … Set an asking price. … Give your car curb appeal. … Create ads that sell. … Screen callers carefully. … Set up a test drive. … Close the deal.

Can you get a title with a bill of sale in Virginia?

You will only receive a Virginia registration card. You will not receive a Virginia title until you submit the out-of-state title to the Virginia DMV. … The proof of purchase may be a buyer’s order, bill of sale, or the seller’s declared sale price on the title.

How do you sign over a car title in Virginia?

How To Sign Your Virginia TitleSign your name (or names)* on the back of the title where it says “Signature of Seller(s)”.Print your name (or names)* on the back of the title where it says “Printed Name of Seller(s)”.For all motor vehicles less than 10 years old, odometer readings are required.

Do you need a bill of sale to register a car in Virginia?

In Virginia, a bill of sale is not necessarily required. However, the state DMV does provide the Vehicle Price Certification, or Form SUT 1, to provide the requisite proof of purchase price necessary to register and title a vehicle that is over 5 years old.

How many cars can I sell in Virginia?

Offers to sell, sells, displays, or permits the display for sale, of five or more motor vehicles within any 12 consecutive months. Thus, current law provides three ways in which a person can qualify to be a motor vehicle dealer. Additionally, Va.

How do I sell my car privately in Virginia?

Sellers in Virginia need to knowMake sure to complete the title and sign it over to the buyer. … Give the buyer your current safety inspection sticker.Provide proof of the sale price of the car. … Give the buyer a lien release.More items…•

What paperwork do I need to sell my car in Virginia?

Items Needed to Register Your VehiclePhoto ID.bill of sale.Proof of insurance.Inspection Certificate.A title signed over to you.Proof of residency that matches your ID.Be prepared to pay all titling and/or registration fees.

Can I sell my car to my son for $1?

Just make sure you have a Bill of Sale for legal reasons to protect both of you. The DMV will want their fair share of taxes based on the car make, model, and year. … HOWEVER, you will have to pay any sales taxes, etc due on the value of the vehicle, not the $1 sales price.

How do I transfer my car registration to Virginia?

New To Virginia–Instructions for getting a license, registering…Obtain a Vehicle Safety Inspection Sticker. … Meet Virginia’s Vehicle Insurance Requirements. … Then go to DMV Office @ … To title your vehicle and obtain license plates and get a driver’s license.Apply for a Virginia Driver’s License. … Title Your Vehicle in Virginia. … Register Your Vehicle and Acquire License Plates.More items…

Is it illegal to sell a car without a title in Virginia?

Except as provided in §§ 46.2-644.03 and 58.1-3942, any person who sells, trades, exchanges, or barters a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer in the Commonwealth without first having secured a certificate of title for it or without legally having in his possession a certificate of title for the vehicle issued to its …

What do I do with my license plates when I sell my car in Virginia?

If the plates are not transferred to another vehicle, you may return them to any DMV customer service center for recycling or destroy and dispose of them yourself. NOTE: If you have a full six months or more remaining in your vehicle registration period, you may qualify for a refund by returning the plates to DMV.

How much does it cost to transfer title in VA?

In the state of Virginia, there is a $10 fee to transfer a car title.

What is sales tax on a used car in Virginia?

4.15%Code § 58.1-2402, Virginia levies a 4.15% Motor Vehicle Sales and Use (SUT) Tax based on the vehicle’s gross sales price or $75, whichever is greater. For the purposes of the Motor Vehicle Sales and Use Tax collection, gross sales price includes the dealer processing fee.