Quick Answer: How Do You Mock A Private Method?

Can you unit test private methods C#?

10 Answers.

Yes, don’t Test private methods….

The idea of a unit test is to test the unit by its public ‘API’.

If you are finding you need to test a lot of private behavior, most likely you have a new ‘class’ hiding within the class you are trying to test, extract it and test it by its public interface..

How do you mock a class in C#?

With MoQ, you can mock concrete classes: var mocked = new Mock(); but this allows you to override virtual code (methods and properties). I think it’s better to create an interface for that class.

How do you mock a private method inside a public method?

By using reflection, you can mock the private methods by mocking the invoke methods, or simpler: you can change it to public temporary, then after the test (maybe in the tearDown) – you can change it back to private.

How do you mock a protected method?

6 Answersdeclare your test in the same package as the mocked class.change the visibilty of the method if you can.create a local (inner) class that extends the mocked class, then mock this local class. Since the class would be local, you would have visibility to the method.

Can we write JUnit for private methods?

So whether you are using JUnit or SuiteRunner, you have the same four basic approaches to testing private methods:Don’t test private methods.Give the methods package access.Use a nested test class.Use reflection.

Why is TDD bad?

This is usually a bad idea – most experienced TDD practitioners can tell whether or not the unit tests has been written before or after the code. … A developer who write unit tests after writing his code is missing the whole point – TDD is a design methodology – the unit tests are just a by-product of the process.

How do you write test cases for private methods using PowerMock?

PowerMock : How to test a private methodSTEP 1: Add Maven jar files. … STEP 2: Create a class MyClass.java. … STEP 3: Write a test case for public method : my _public _method. … STEP 4: Use PowerMock’s WhiteboxImpl class to test a private method.

Can MOQ mock private methods?

You can’t, at least not with Moq. But more importantly, you shouldn’t. First off, you don’t test methods, you test behaviours. … Private methods are implementation details.

Should you mock private methods?

The short answer is that you shouldn’t test private methods directly, but only their effects on the public methods that call them. Unit tests are clients of the object under test, much like the other classes in the code that are dependent on the object.

Are private methods a code smell?

Sometimes, private methods are created just to give pieces of functionality more descriptive names. Although descriptive names are desirable, creating private methods to provide descriptive names for things is still a smell.