Quick Answer: What Does A Real ID Look Like In Indiana?

What documents do I need to get a real ID in Illinois?

REAL ID ChecklistStep 1 of 6: Proof of Identity, Date of Birth and U.S.

Citizenship or Lawful Status.

Step 2 of 6: Check Your Name.

Step 3 of 6: Proof of Your Full Social Security Number (SSN) …

Step 4 of 6: Provide Proof of Residency.

Step 5 of 6: Written Signature.

Step 6 of 6: Get Your Documents..

What documents do I need to get a real ID in Missouri?

your full name and date of birth:Valid, Unexpired U.S. passport. Valid, Unexpired U.S. passport card. … Valid, Unexpired U.S. passport. … Valid, Unexpired Visa with temporary. … Social Security Card (must be signed) … Two (2) documents required from two (2) sep- … Utility Bill (Phone, Water, Gas, Electric, Trash or Sewer, Etc.)

How do I know if I have a real ID Indiana?

A Real ID is indicated by the star in the upper right-hand corner of your driver’s license, permit, or state identification card.

Is my Indiana license Real ID compliant?

Indiana is compliant with the REAL ID Act. Federal agencies can accept driver’s licenses and identification cards from Indiana at Federal facilities and nuclear power plants.

What does the Real ID application look like?

A REAL ID issued in California will display a grizzly bear and star in the upper right corner. A federal non-compliant card will have “Federal Limits Apply” in that area.

What do I need to get a new ID in Indiana?

Required Documentation to Obtain an ID CardOne document proving your identity; and.One document proving your lawful status in the United States; and.One document proving your Social Security number; and.Two documents proving your Indiana residency.

How much does it cost for a Real ID in Indiana?

While in Indiana, a Real ID will also cost $17.50 for a driver’s license or $9 for a state-issued ID card. A state-issued ID card is free for residents who are at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen and eligible to vote.

What do I need to get a star on my license in Indiana?

A gold star in the upper right corner of a driver’s license indicates that it has met federal standards. In Indiana, in order to obtain a Real ID, individuals must provide the following: A document, such as a birth certificate or unexpired passport, to prove identity.

What documents are needed for a real ID in MO?

The first is proof of identity, such as a birth certificate or U.S. passport; another document needed is proof of Missouri residency to verify your address. Residents also will be required to provide proof of social security number, W-2, or a paystub.