What Does Practicability Mean?

What is the meaning of the word practicable?

1 : capable of being put into practice or of being done or accomplished : feasible a practicable plan.

2 : capable of being used : usable a practicable weapon..

What does practicable mean in law?

performable, feasible, possiblePracticable is that which may be done, practiced, or accomplished; that which is performable, feasible, possible; and the adverb practicably means in a practicable manner.

How do you use practicable in a sentence?

The only practicable course of action is to sell the company. It is not reasonably practicable to offer her the original job back. The only practicable alternative is to postpone the meeting. We hold a sure card to be practicable. This is the only practicable solution imaginable.More items…•

What does being too practical mean?

When you’re too practical, you prioritize the urgent items with short-term results or gains. You don’t do things simply out of enjoyment, to learn or just to see what happens. The biggest and most worthwhile accomplishments aren’t usually foreseeable at the beginning.

What is another word for practicable?

The words feasible and possible are common synonyms of practicable.

What does doable mean?

capable of being doneadjective. capable of being done.

What does practicality mean?

1. practicality – concerned with actual use rather than theoretical possibilities. usefulness, utility – the quality of being of practical use. functionality – capable of serving a purpose well; “software with greater functionality” viability – capable of being done in a practical and useful way.

Is practicality a real word?

noun, plural prac·ti·cal·i·ties. the quality of being adapted or designed for actual use; usefulness or convenience:Your home furniture choices should be based on practicality, durability, and beauty.

Is being practical a good thing?

Practical people tend to be pliable. Adapting to a circumstance or a surrounding will be easier for you. Practical people tend to have high level of self esteem and the confidence of dealing with a situation or solving a problem in one of the best way possible.

How do you know if you’re a practical person?

When a person is practical, they set very clear goals and go after them. You don´t see them doubting, speculating or hesitating. Of course, they can also be reflective, but they easily choose ideas and translate them into acts. They prefer to try things in reality than play mental games.

How can I be a practical person in life?

10 practical tips on being more effective every dayMess creates stress. … Set clear goals. … Find your best time. … Negativity, be gone! … The importance of a routine. … Don’t be afraid to say no. … Stop multi-tasking. … Take care of yourself.More items…•

What does Imperilment mean?

noun. Exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury: danger, endangerment, hazard, jeopardy, peril, risk.