What Is The Best State To Deer Hunt In?

Which state hunts the most?

TexasTexas lead the nation in number of deer hunters in 2016-2017 with nearly 740,000 participants.

The Lone Star State has also seen a 28% increase in deer hunters from 2006 to 2016, according to QDMA..

What is the best place to hunt whitetail deer?

Deer Hunting Season: Ranking Top Spots in the U.S. for Big BucksIowa. While the number of deer in Iowa isn’t nearly as abundant as the other states on this list, Iowa will produce deer far bigger than anything you will find anywhere else in the USA. … Ohio. While it was hard to put one state above or below the next, Ohio was as close to being No. … Texas. … Kentucky. … Pennsylvania.

Which state has the best public hunting land?

Petersen’s Hunting Expert Picks the 10 Best Public Land HuntsWYOMING.Southwest BLM — Antelope.OHIO.Wayne National Forest — Deer, Turkey, Small Game.NORTH DAKOTA.Waterfowl Production Area — Waterfowl and Upland Birds.COLORADO.Colorado National Forests — Elk.More items…•

What state has the cheapest hunting land?

Average Price Per Acre of Hunting Land by RegionSouthwest (Oklahoma and Texas): $1,701 per acre. … North (Minnesota and Wisconsin): $2,326 per acre. … Southeast (Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana): $2,492 per acre. … Mideast (Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio): $2,796 per acre. … Heartland (Kansas, Nebraska): $2,872 per acre.More items…•

What state has the cheapest non resident hunting license?

The Cheapest States for Non-Resident Deer Hunting This Season10 | Check License Costs for Every State. Want to know what it costs in each state? … 1 | Deer Hunting in Connecticut. Cost: $91-$135 (plus $19 state land lottery permit) … 2 | Maine. … 3 | Maryland. … 4 | Massachusetts. … 5 | New Hampshire. … 6 | New York. … 7 | Pennsylvania.More items…•

How much is a Colorado mule deer tag?

​​Payment Deadlines ​​​​License Type​​​​Fee – This is the fee you will be charged if you are successful in drawing your license, or get an unsuccessful option.​​DEER​ ​ ​​​​​Resident​$ 40.24​Resident youth​$ 15.68​Nonresident​ adult/fishing combo​​*​$ 401.8320 more rows

What states have over the counter non resident deer tags?

Here are five solid options.NEBRASKA. Nebraska offers over-the-counter tags and will set nonresidents back just under $300 with the required hunting license and deer permit. … KENTUCKY. Kentucky was once a “sleeper” state for big whitetails. … INDIANA. This choice may surprise a few people. … OHIO. … OKLAHOMA.

Which state kills the most deer?

Here’s a rundown of where to go in the top 10 states that over the last decade produced the greatest number of whitetail B&C entries.Wisconsin. Wisconsin is easily the top producer of B&C whitetails. … Kentucky. … Ohio. … Indiana. … Iowa. … Minnesota. … Illinois. … Kansas.More items…•

What race hunts the most?

In the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s most recent participation study of hunting, fishing and wildlife watching, the agency found 11.5 million Americans hunted at least once in 2016. Of those hunters, 11.1 million—96%—were white and 3% were Hispanic.

Where is the best hunting in the US?

The 10 Best States to Hunt Whitetail Deer in the U.S.Missouri.Illinois. … Kansas. … Iowa. … Mississippi. … Texas. … South Carolina. … Georgia. While its placement on this list may come as a surprise to many, the quality of whitetail hunting in Georgia has increased greatly over the years. … More items…

What states can you buy over the counter mule deer tags?

Best Over-The-Counter Mule Deer StatesArizona Over-The-Counter Mule Deer Hunts. … South Dakota Over-The-Counter Mule Deer Hunts. … Idaho Over-The-Counter Mule Deer Hunts. … Mule Deer Gear to Pack. … Mule Deer Decoy Tactics. … Decoying Mule Deer in the Early Season. … Decoying Mule Deer during the Rut.